Smart Notebook:

SMART Notebook software offers more creative power and flexibility than ever before, with many new tools and features to help you create and deliver lessons more easily, more quickly and with greater impact. SMART Notebook also gives you the flexibility to create more extraordinary learning moments in your classroom.

Create lessons with ease

Using SMART Notebook software just comes naturally – whether you're a first-time user or an expert. The icons and menus are intuitive, so you always know what to do next. The adaptive toolbar puts all the creative tools at your fingertips – fewer clicks means everything you do is easier and faster. When you choose a tool, the menu options change accordingly, so everything you need is always in the right place. And the activity builder makes it easy to create sorting and labeling activities that are interactive and engaging.

Access a wealth of content

SMART Notebook software provides easy access to a wide selection of content. With the embedded browser, any web resource can instantly become part of your SMART Notebook lesson. Add a live web page directly to a SMART Notebook software page, and it becomes an object that you can write over in digital ink, resize or interact with. And since the browser is embedded, everything happens within the software, so you never have to leave your lesson. You can also access over 50,000 learning resources on the SMART Exchange™ website, including ready-made lessons and widgets that can add an extra level of interactivity to your lessons.

Add interactivity to instruction

SMART Notebook software is the interactive foundation for many of our products. Once you have the software, you can easily integrate other SMART products into your lessons. SMART Notebook supports the multitouch capabilities of the SMART Board® 800 series interactive whiteboard, helping students interact with lesson material in richer and more engaging ways. You can easily incorporate assessment into your SMART Notebook lessons with SMART Response™ interactive response systems. And, using 3D Tools for SMART Notebook software or Mixed Reality Tools for SMART Document Camera™, you can add 3D content to make complex or abstract concepts more understandable and engaging... Learn More