The Oracle Remarketer initiative provides you access to Oracle's portfolio of 1- Click products, as well as a limited selection of Oracle hardware products, offering you a unique ability to immediately open new markets and create new sales opportunities.

The initiative offers you the ability to resell select Oracle products through regionally located Oracle Remarketer authorized value-added distributors (VADs) with no membership fees and no commitment to Oracle.

With the Oracle Remarketer Initiative, you can use some of Oracle's most popular hardware and software products—attractively priced for the smaller deployments typical in midsize companies—to develop, sell, and implement tightly coupled solutions in a broad variety of scenarios. You have access to Oracle sales and marketing resources—free of charge—from your Oracle Remarketer-Authorized VAD. Sales and marketing solutions kits offer information about selling Oracle 1-Click products and Oracle Database Appliance to midsize companies. Solution kits include product information, training resources, and sales tools, as well as downloadable assets such as white papers, presentations, and demos... Learn More