Icom's IP Advanced Radio System is a communication system that uses Wireless LAN access points. You can easily expand communication areas by only adding wireless LAN access points. Therefore, you can use this system in buildings (to communicate between lower and upper floors, places where it is difficult for signals from a transceiver to penetrate).


  • License-Free
  • Scalable
  • Secure Conversation
  • Simultaneous Use
  • Location Information
  • Easy Maintenance

The IP100H IP communication terminal transmits voice and preprogrammed text messages to the IP1000C controller through the wireless LAN access points installed in the IP network (VPN). The controller redirects traffic to the specified terminals. The IP100FS remote communicator can create a virtual radio and simple dispatch station on a Windows® based PC. The IP100FS can obtain position information (based on using access points) and status information of each terminal... Learn More